Monday, June 15, 2015

ASMS 2015

The expanding popularity of PEAKS made for another exciting ASMS annual conference. During the PEAKS Meeting on Sunday, BSI gave an early glimpse into a future version of PEAKS Studio. Guest speakers also presented current research projects where PEAKS proved vital:

  • Jeanne Rumsey of Washington University in St. Louis,
  • Database Search Strategies for Biomarker Design in Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Cheryl Lichti, University of Texas Medical Branch,
  • PEAKS and the Quest for Single Amino Acid Variants

During the conference a number of notable oral presentations and posters resonated well with attendees and emerging methods. (Please note you will need to login using your ASMS details to view the presentations.) A significant list of oral presentations and posters relevant to PEAKS users are available on our ASMS 2015 webpage. Our own poster, Peptide Mapping for Quantitative Profiling of Peptide Variants using PEAKS is also available.


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