Monday, April 28, 2014

PEAKS 7 Patch Release

While laying down the foundation of the next major upgrade, we are also improving the current version. Just a few weeks ago, the PEAKS team has released a new build of PEAKS 7 to address some issues in the 2013 November release.

If your PEAKS 7 installation works well for you, you do not need to upgrade to the new build. Here are a list of changes in the new build.
  • Improved 3rd party exporting to Scaffold and fixed an issue that sometimes the PTM information may be missing
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes the proteins reported in mzIdentML does not have supporting peptides
  • Fixed a regression bug affecting charge and mass correction on high charge Orbitrap data
  • Third party and pepXML export from inChorus results are now disabled. It was unintentionally opened in the initial PEAKS 7 release. In mzIdentML, there are currently no CV term in the standard for PEAKS inChorus results.
  • unique peptide filter in Label Free Quantification results now correctly uses the unique peptides instead of the peptide features as the filter
  • Fixed an issue in Label Free Quantification p-value calculation. Users do not need to redo the analysis. Re-open the results will have the p-value displayed correctly
  • PEAKS now support 64 bit CompassXtract libraries from Bruker
  • PEAKS now can read the scan number from MGF files generated by the new Compass tools
  • Better handling on MGF/PKL/DTA files with excessive white spaces
  • Better handling on importing Mascot results into PEAKS. Solved issues for some custom FASTA header formats
  • PEAKS 7 will now less likely to exit shortly after the start up due to the slow Derby initialization on some system. The default timeout has been increased to 30 seconds
  • PEAKS project converter. Now the MS1 spectrum information is correctly converted from PEAKS 6 projects
If you want to upgrade to the new build, please contact or your sales representative so that we will adjust your license and send you the instructions.

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